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Windows Software Update Services 5

How to fix two computers showing as one in WSUS

So this week I’ve been tinkering with our WSUS server, normally it just sits in the corner minding its own business apart from once a month or so I go in and approve the next batch of updates for our desktops. For our server we,...

My New Best Friend – Introducing Spiceworks 1

My New Best Friend – Introducing Spiceworks

So for the last few months I’ve been looking for ways to improve our ability to monitor our network (both the Servers and Desktops), we already have external monitors for the really important, business critical things like our website and email but for the day...

Third time lucky 0

Third time lucky

Well, its been a few months since my old blog died when I cancelled the hosting and since I had to renew my domain this month I decided to go crazy and setup some new hosting and give this blogging thing another go. Since I...