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Now With Added IPv6

Just a quick post to it is now possible to access my blog using pure IPv6 thanks to my host Linode and Cloudflare and I may even get round to adding some more real content soon if I get time!


Setting up WordPress on Nginx

Just a quick post with a handy link for anyone looking to get WordPress running under Nginx (an awesome and much faster alternative to Apache!), one of the big differences between Nginx and Apache is the lack of .htaccess files and a different way of...


New Year, New Host

Well, its 2011 already so I guess its time to start my promise to post more often (and even finish part 3 of my SSL guide!). My first job for the year has been completed successfully as the site has been moved onto a new...

New look – maybe even some new content too 0

New look – maybe even some new content too

As you might have noticed I’ve given my blog a bit of a new look, hopefully it is nice and easy to navigate and it should load quite a bit faster than the old theme I was using, it’s also about time I posted up...


Damn you mod_security!

So I was attempting to write this series of SSL guides last week when I hit upon a problem, after playing around with Cygwin for a while I decided to update the first part of the series to use a different path to store the...