Missing HP 3515 Network Driver

HP LogoSo this week I hit a fun problem when building a new PC for a HP 3515 tower, this is the first one of these that I have built and I had thought I had loaded all the drivers from the HP website into our deployment tool (MDT 2012), however it turns out that the NIC driver was missing and wasn’t actually listed on HP’s website for the model and OS.

Some Googling later turned up nothing, apparently there was no record anywhere of anyone getting a working Windows 7 x64 driver for this model which sounded odd to me as it seems to just use a standard Atheros chip
so I decided to go with plan B and see if it was possible to force it to load.

Looking at the errors MDT was returning it wasn’t able to match the Device ID for the NIC with any in the inf files, checking the ones in the driver files I had downloaded turned up something similar though:


Since this seemed to similar to the one MDT was complaining about I decided to try changing it and seeing if it would work:


After waiting a while for the drivers to load into my MDT install and regenerate the boot CD I was quite pleasantly surprised to find that they seemed to work so I thought I would package them all up and make them available for anyone else who needs them incase HP never get around to fixing their website.

I’ve edited the inf files so in theory the driver should work for Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 installs, however I have only tested them with Windows 7 x64, if you want to give them a go you can find them here.

Do let me know in the comments if it does or doesn’t work for you and I can update this post as needed.


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