New Year, New Host

Well, its 2011 already so I guess its time to start my promise to post more often (and even finish part 3 of my SSL guide!).

My first job for the year has been completed successfully as the site has been moved onto a new host, I finally cracked and moved back to managing my own server, this time I am using the highly recommended Linode who so far have been pretty awesome, for a small 512MB VPS everything has been flying along, even when compiling (yes, I run Gentoo on a server). So far everything feels a bit faster and at least I now have the freedom to fix problems that I find such as the annoying mod_security problem I hit where it was preventing me from having the words /etc/ssl together because it thought I was trying to hack the server rather than write about a linux configuration file!

Hopefully everything got moved over successfully, I haven’t been able to spot any problems but if you see anything let me know in the comments!


Im a Sys-Admin for a growing UK company working down on the sunny South Coast of England, I love all things techie, especially Exchange and Virtualisation stuff. When not tinkering I can normally be found playing online games such as Planetside 2, Dayz and Battlefield 4.