Current Status: Melting, but wishing I was playing EVE Online

EVE OnlineSo im sat here in the office melting away thanks to the one nice bit of weather we’re likely to get all summer trying not to sneeze thanks to my hayfever and the gardener outside cutting the grass and all I can think about (apart from whether anyone would notice if I moved my desk into the server room next to the air con units), is how long it will be before I can get home and get back to playing EVE Online.

Yes, im one of those masochistic wierdos who actually enjoys the game and loves its sandbox nature, the ability to do pretty much anything you like, even if all that entails is sitting around in space and shooting rocks (which is what I spend quite a bit of time doing).

Purpose of this post? None, but when space looks this nice how could you not want to play?

EVE Online


Im a Sys-Admin for a growing UK company working down on the sunny South Coast of England, I love all things techie, especially Exchange and Virtualisation stuff. When not tinkering I can normally be found playing online games such as Planetside 2, Dayz and Battlefield 4.